Statistics state that someone has to see your name 13 times before they remember it. - Brand recognition - While doing Social Media - Community Videos and mailers you will get to 13 a lot sooner. 
But where do you mail to? 
Chose where: 
  1. You want to work 
  2. A Neighborhood or area you are very knowledgeable on
  3. An area/ neighborhood that 1 agent doesn't have over 30% Market Share. 
You will go to EDDM through USPS and start checking the routes and cross-referencing them against the above information and choose a route that you are able to be consistent and intentional with.
You can also create a mailing list of prospective clients; listing appointments you have gone to, past clients, and sphere of influence. Add these clients to a spreadsheet for easy label creation when EDDM is not applicable.
Create your own mail system that fits your voice and your business, our team utilizes the following: 
  • For Sale Postcards
  • Market Update Postcards
  • Just Sold Postcards 
  • Holiday Postcards with a coupon to a service they would like. 
  • Neighborhood Stats 
  • Local High School Sports Info
  • Your Community is On Youtube!

What We Do on Our Farm: 



We chose a zip code that has our rural homes, a total of 4864 Homes with 11 routes that cost an average of $933.89 per dropoff. We send this mailer monthly, showing our transactions in that zip code.



When I have a new listing or closing coming up a week before the sign goes up I send these to the mail route that home is on so they then see the sign pop up in a week there.

When a Home is Listed and Sold

When a home in that zip code is just listed (and then sold), we mail these only to the mail route that the house is on. Typically around 450 homes & cost about $95.00.
We update the same mailer with the property Just Listed/Just Sold verbiage and then update on the transaction when the home is sold.

Your Home is on Youtube:

Anytime we make community content we design a mailer specific to that area and send it with a QR code that links back to either a video embedded on our website or to our Youtube page showcasing their community.

Community Newsletter: 

We are also in a monthly neighborhood newsletter “The farmer” that someone else makes. We buy AD SPACE in it to this zip code that we buy a full page ad space and do our current listings and coming soon.


Quarterly we have a magazine by Leaders in Print called the Local magazine that we pay $2,500 a quarter for them to mail to the same zip code that has neighborhood info and recipes in it. That also on the back of the magazine advertises us and our listings.

Work With Us

Strategic Marketing, Clear Communication, and Experience have consistently placed Erica Gouldy Wolfe, and now the Wolfe Team, among the top professionals in the real estate industry. Utilizing the latest technologies and marketing strategies they are raising the bar in the industry, all while raising the views on your home.